100% Pure & Natural

Essential Oil Blends

We provide 100% pure and finest quality essential oils from the best distilleries in the world. Manufactured by a GMP factory and coupled with their top notch research team to ensure you with good quality essential oils.

Pure Essential Oil Blends


Elevates Mood • Reduces Depression • Calming

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Pure Essential Oil Blends


Relieves Stress • Refresh • Re-energize

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Natural Essential Oils

Essential Oils

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Pure Essential Oil


Fight Virus & Bacteria • Ease Pains • Inflammation

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Pure Essential Oil


Relieves Stress • Antioxidant • Respiration

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Pure Essential Oil

tea tree

Fight Acne • Antibacterial • Deodorant

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Natural Carrier Oil

MCT Oils

Blends well with any essential oil

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Kills 99.9% of germs


Made of all natural ingredients. Moisturizing your hand while keeping you safe from 99.9% germs.

Hand Sanitizer


Blends with Essential Oils • Content 70% Alcohol

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Hand Sanitizer


All Natural • Non-toxic • Content 80% Alcohol

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“I tried your essential oil ‘Peace for night’ with the diffuser. It has help me to fall asleep much easier and able to sleep straight till morning without waking up in the middle of the nights from anxiety/stress. I feel much fresher and less tired.”

- Daniel

“This product is really nice! Mainly it helps sanitize my hands after a long day. It doesn’t smell like some cheap hand sanitizers outside. It is also really moisturising therefore your hand doesn’t dry up when using it.”

- Chun Seng

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